Teeth whitening can transform your smile and boost your confidence. There are many ways to whiten your teeth. Some people choose a dentist for professional whitening, while others go for natural solutions available at home.

However, before you try to whiten your teeth at home, you need to know some important facts. Keep reading to learn more about them and contact Foxfield Dental in Foxfield, Colorado, if you are looking for professional teeth whitening solutions.

DIY Teeth Whitening Methods

Let’s take a closer look at some DIY teeth whitening methods and related facts:

  • Baking Soda and Lemon Juice

This DIY teeth whitening method uses lemon juice and baking soda mixed together to form a paste. Lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent, while baking soda or sodium bicarbonate is an alkaline salty powder that is abrasive. This combination helps remove plaque buildup on your teeth, making your teeth shine brighter.

  • Turmeric 

A 2013 study supports the use of turmeric for oral hygiene. Turmeric’s teeth whitening properties are likely just as good as those of baking soda or activated charcoal. However, using this spice for teeth whitening may take a while to show effects.

  • Activated Charcoal

This is another product that is often used for teeth whitening. It is also available in certain types of toothpaste. Activated charcoal is good for short-term use and shows effects in about 4 weeks. Long-term use can cause constipation.

Alternatively, you can use whitening strips and gels or whitening toothpaste to whiten your teeth at home.

DIY Teeth Whitening or Professional Teeth Whitening?

Teeth are the most important part of your smile and should not be shortchanged by trying DIY teeth whitening experiments at home. If you are looking for an easy way to whiten your teeth at home, talk to your dentist about customized whitening trays. Your dentist is the best person to advise you about DIY kits.

On the other hand, getting your teeth whitened by a professional dentist is a safe and long-lasting option. Professional whitening treatments take under 60 minutes to complete and can brighten your teeth by up to 8 shades.

If you are looking for teeth whitening solutions in Foxfield, Colorado, contact Foxfield Dental at (720) 870-0401 or visit us at 16350 E Arapahoe Rd Unit #114, Foxfield, CO 80016.

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