Dental implants restore a person’s appearance as they are surgically implanted into the jaw. The biocompatible titanium post is positioned into the jawbone, enabling the bone to grow around the screw and keep it tightened.

The following are the major characteristics of dental implants:

Looks like Natural Teeth

Dental implants are designed to look like natural teeth. The place of the natural tooth is taken by the titanium post. It offers the same support and strength as the natural tooth and the metal is no longer visible once the surgical site has healed.

The bone fuses around the implant once it is placed into the patient’s jawbone. No other tooth replacement option can mimic the natural strength of the tooth root. People with dental implants also experience the ability to bite and chew properly.

It is Very Comfortable

Dental implants are much more comfortable than dentures. The implants don’t move away from their place or slide while talking. They are fastened directly to the jaw.

The person with dental implants need not worry too much about the strength of the prosthetic. It gives enough strength to bite and chew properly. It makes them convenient and they feel comfortable. One can eat any food of their choice, which they once avoided due to gaps in their teeth.

Easy to Maintain

Dental implants, being artificial, do not get tooth decay or cavities. So all that it requires is normal brushing and flossing. A person doesn’t need to acquire new oral hygiene practices.

It is not challenging to maintain and clean dental implants. It needs only regular care once the implant has healed and gets integrated into the mouth. Special substances need not be purchased for cleaning or adhesion. The upkeep is much more affordable and one can keep it permanently.

Implants Stop Bone Loss

A natural consequence of missing teeth is the potential loss of bone mass in the jaw. The jaw bone starts to deteriorate in the absence of the tooth root. It also affects your appearance particularly by changing the shape of your face.

The loss of jaw bone causes the mouth to look sunken and forms wrinkles. Dental implants help to preserve the jawbone as it mimics the shape and strength of the natural tooth.


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